Shoreview Historical Society

Hans Eric and Louise Nord

1910 wedding day
Hans Eric and Louise Nord became farmers in what became north Shoreview on County Road I and Sherwood Road.  They had four children.
The family is the 11th to be honored by SHS with special festivities set for 3 p.m., April 26, at Incarnation Church.

Scouting in Shoreview

When did Scouting first arrive and thrive in Northwest Ramsey County? That will be the topic of the Shoreview Historical Society's winter get-together onSunday, February 8, 2015. If you were associated with either the Boy Scouts or the Girl Scouts in this area in the 1970's or before, our speaker, Will Sulzbach,651-247-4965, would like to hear from you. He will be sharing information about Scouting units and activities in our area from the birth of Scouting to the present time.
If you have photos or memories of scouting, please contact the Shoreview Historical Society